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Welcome to my website Part-time Jobs at Home. I hope you are as excited about this as me. I’ve worked at home for around 7 or 8 years & now I wouldn’t want to work any other way. Working at home gives me the freedom I need, as long as I can realize that the only person that tells me what to do is ME. My two puppies just don’t seem to care, and don’t speak English anyway!

I became a part-time employee early in my adult life out of necessity. I married my childhood sweetheart, & he was a person who loved to travel. and so did I. Full-time careers were not in the picture for me, obviously. Temporary, part-time was my choice, This created a lifestyle for me that really became something I loved.

Starting At The Beginning

Let’s start at the beginning of my part-time jobs at home. I started working at home as an appointment setter in the very beginning of this venture into working at home. This was working on a commission basis, of course. I found out fairly quickly that I was doing more playing than working. After a couple of years or so of struggling this way, I still was convinced that it was their fault (the employers) rather than me. Since I was not “getting it” on that level, God decided to go ahead & take it to the next level. That’s a whole story in itself that I might as well tell you. Just be sure & keep it to yourself, I wouldn’t want anyone else to know!!! Some people, like me, are just stubborn in certain areas.

Some Lessons I Had To Learn

One morning I was scrolling through Craigslist Sales employment ads, when one of those ads caught my attention. The video was given by a man that looked like he had just won the lottery. His presence on that video just took me to motivational heights that were unknown to me! Did I think about this – NO – I just bought everything he said as the way it was going to be – I would get RICH QUICK with this company. The only requirement to start was to invest my hard-earned money, & of course, use my money for the ads to get other people to join. Are you getting the point of all this? I hope so, because it became a HUGE game to me. I was using credit cards, & I began to think that it was make – believe money. Just invest the “money”, & you will get a return. Problem was it was just enough money to entice me to go ahead & try again. Finally, I ran out of “play money.” The party was over with the credit cards. Stay tuned for The Rest of The Story.

My Mission For You

The point of all this is one thing I want you to avoid all this process. You can believe me now that I’ve revealed the whole truth to you, at least I hope you can. The way I ran into this business in affiliate marketing was really the same way I had before but with an entirely different attitude. I listened to what Kyle had to say. He was honest and straight forward. He didn’t sugar coat anything. The best part I heard was that this wasn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, & you could start for free!!! That was music to my ears.

Anyway, I hope my story has convinced you to investigate this affiliate marketing program further. This is he real deal and you can jump in with both feet. I’ll certainly do all I can to help you. Keep your feet on the ground & your eyes on your goal. That’s the way true success has always been achieved and always will be. Take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate. To me, it’s the very best affiliate marketing system around, & I believe you’ll agree. I hope to see you here at Wealthy Affiliate. Come join us on this mission to give others a way to succeed.

Thanks for listening. I’ll see you here soon. & you won’t regret your decision.

Judy Brown,


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